Customer Connect!

Interested companies are invited to download the company one pager here, complete their details then email it to

Some notes on the one pager

  • Please do read both the MENTORS GUIDELINES & COMPANIES GUIDELINES pages to see how the event is supposed to work.
  • Bullet point answers are fine, the aim is to get a guage of how well progressed your company is.
  • Filling out the one-pager shouldn't take any more than 20-30 mins at most for a comany that is up and running. If it takes considerably longer than this then this could be a sign that you're unclsear about your Value Proposition, Initial Go To Market Strategy, or that you might not have had a enough conversations with customers yet. We'd still encourgae you to apply and will contact you with some feedback prior to the event to help you maximise the value of your conversations. If it's clear that you're really just not ready at all we will let you know.

In order to ensure that both Companies being mentored and the Mentors have a great night we will be reviewing the one pagers and getting back to people with feedback to them prior to inviting them to register.

In some cases this feedback might be of the form “You’re on to a potentially great idea", however:

  • you’ve only just started and such haven’t really validated your customer proposition sufficiently yet.


  • you’re on your way however there’s some key issues that will possible hamper you executing within the next 6-12 months that you should be aware of before talking to a mentor and it would be a good idea to address the issues as best you can before talking to the mentors.

In some of these cases, this feedback might even be “Love your enthusiasm; however you’re nowhere near ready to chat with these mentors yet with a view to learning what’s necessary to make a major sale to an Enterprise or Government customer in the next 6-12 months. Putting you in front of these mentors at this early stage in your company’s lifecycle means there’s a high probability of you blowing your credibility with them. This would result in a bad experience for you and also for the Mentor who may not take another meeting with you in the future. We’d strongly recommend you do some additional work before making an approach (we will point you to people and organisations who can help you), and as such we will be unable to let you register for this inaugural. Assuming this event goes well we would anticipate that similar events will be run in the future, so you will not miss out in the long run.”

Given the above that we’d ask that you hold off from registering until we get back in touch with you. Once you're accepted, we will send you a PASSWORD to enter below.


Tickets will cost $80.00 per company. Food and Beverages will be provided on the night for Mentors and Attendees.



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