Customer Connect!

Customer Development Speed Mentoring

Customer Connect! - Customer Development Speed Mentoring

APRIL 9, 2013 6.00pm - 9.30pm


Over the past several years many organisations, events, and have sprung up to help emerging technology businesses better focus their efforts to create great products and secure funding when required. Many of these efforts have been focused on the B2C space. There is another space in which Australia is becomingly increasingly well placed; B2B.

The AIIA with support from Pushstart, Fishburners, NSW Trade & Investment, Digital Sydney, and Commercialisation Australia will jointly be holding a Speed Mentoring Event on Tuesday April 9th at Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, NSW 6pm – 9:30pm to help accelerate Australian companies operating in this space to better understand their potential customers and what it takes to serve them. This event will afford companies the opportunity to speak with executives and senior managers at a variety of large companies to validate that the needs they are seeking to meet are real, and also to learn what they need to do be successful in selling to these organisations.

Those familiar with the work of Steve Blank and Eric Ries will recognize that this event will be a golden opportunity to undertake “Customer Development” with people that they would normally not get access to. It should be stressed that the focus of the event is not to start a sales discussion with a particular company executive, moreover, it is an opportunity to test and learn. Should a genuine opportunity arise, progressing the discussion to the next level is something that should be deferred until after the event.

The night should be a great one with executive mentors currently confirmed from:

Interested companies are invited to download the company one pager here, complete their details then email it to

<APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, one pagers emailed before Noon Friday that have not received a response will do so shortly>

Some notes on the one pager

  • Please do read both the MENTORS GUIDELINES & COMPANIES GUIDELINES pages to see how the event is supposed to work.

  • Bullet point answers are fine, the aim is to get a guage of how well progressed your company is.

  • Filling out the one-pager shouldn't take any more than 20-30 mins at most for a comany that is up and running. If it takes considerably longer than this then this could be a sign that you're unclsear about your Value Proposition, Initial Go To Market Strategy, or that you might not have had a enough conversations with customers yet. We'd still encourgae you to apply and will contact you with some feedback prior to the event to help you maximise the value of your conversations. If it's clear that you're really just not ready at all we will let you know.


Companies will be provided with feedback and notified within 3 working days as to whether they will be eligible fo sign up for the event. Further fetails of the sign up process can be found here.